Douglas N12907 aka "Miss Piggy"

I have several hundred hours flying this DC-3.  In January of 2000 I got my type rating and Airline Transport Pilot certificate in it (combined checkride) while working for Saber Cargo Airlines.  

Later that year it was involved in a landing accident that destroyed the landing gear, props, engines, and caused quite a bit of damage to the left wing leading edge.  

The repairs were started but Saber went out of business before the they were complete and the plane was donated to the Carolinas Aviation Museum where it still sits waiting for restoration.  This aircraft has so much history I hate to see it sitting here in disrepair.

I flew this thing all over North America between 1998 and 2000.  It drew attention everywhere we went.  I must have given 100 tours of the interior (not really much to see, its a cargo plane).  It would make me very happy to see it fly again some day.
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